ELDR is the first consumer magazine and online community created for the affluent and influential 60+ elder.

Created from the word 'ELD' meaning a time in one's life when one comes into power and 'R' for revolutionizing the way we think about aging. ELDR's vision is to inspire and empower readers to live a more meaningful life, to celebrate the joys and to successfully navigate the challenges of aging.

As both a print magazine and an online forum, ELDR brings readers an opinionated and entertaining approach to aging through essays, stories, reviews, interviews and artwork. ELDR offers fresh viewpoints on emerging social and behavioral issues along with insights on health, medication, finance and activism.

The 60+ Market Opportunity

  • Have more than $1.6 trillion in annual spending power
  • Net worth nearly double the U.S. national average
  • Healthy living and aging are a $480 billion annual industry
  • Over 3 million have $1 million or more in investable assets
  • There are more than 40 million Americans over 60
  • Over 4.7 million Americans turn sixty every year and this trend will continue for 18 years

The ELDR Reader
August 2008 Ipsos Mendelsohn ELDR Reader Profile Study
(Numbers in brackets are Affluent Indexes. 100 is affluent average.)

  • Median age 65, 70% female, 65% married
  • Median HHI $167,000 (139)

  • Median net worth $1,614,000
  • 63% work-out on a regular basis, 51% belong to a private club (123)
  • 97% access the internet
  • 47% have post-graduate education (199)
  • 91% have engaged in a public/community activity in the last year
  • 96% own home with an average value of $716,800 (141)

  • 55% own additional residence/property (mean value $774,400)


  • 87% have a valid passport (135)
  • 58% plan to travel internationally within the next year (163)
  • 30% plan to take a cruise within the next year (171)

Financial Services (within last year)

  • 31% used a full-service broker (126) and 40% a financial planner (155)
  • 70% have made 1+ transactions (153)

Health/Medical (within last 6 months)

  • 58% buy prescriptions from drug stores, 35% via phone/mail order
  • 93% have used vitamins or other supplements
  • 72% have purchased fat-free foods
  • 62% have purchased high-fiber foods


  • 20% plan to buy/lease a new vehicle in the next year
  • 40% own a premium vehicle (137)

Our audience is affluent, self-motivated...the doers, the movers, the shakers, the leaders...NOT the followers. We provoke thought, our readers take action...we don't ask them to sign petitions.


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