Reinventing Retirement

Miriam Goodman

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teach Me Tonight

Whether you loved or hated school, retirement is a great time to learn about things you wish you had studied before (such as the stock market), entirely new subjects (the history of opera), or subjects already of interest (World War II). Taking a class, even online, could add years to your life, because just like your heart, your brain needs to be exercised in order to stay healthy . And usually there are no exams or homework for you to worry about.

Lifelong learning is a term that has recently been added to the retirement lexicon. The "lifelong," "extended," and "continuing education" labels refer to those courses offered at colleges and universities for students who aren't necessarily looking for credits but want to continue their education.
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Monday, April 07, 2008

You Gotta Have Friends

A solid social support system can make the difference between a successful and a stressful retirement. Dozens of studies have found that friendships are vital to our emotional health throughout our lives. For too many retirees, their friends were people with whom they worked; the office was their community and their social life. Retirement didn't just mean the end of work for them—it meant the end of the social activity that connected to it. As a result, many retirees find themselves having to make new friends or be alone.

Some retired people find themselves gravitating back to friends from their youth, even if they haven't been in touch for years. Old friends remind us of who we were and who we wanted to be.
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