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Fretlight2.jpgSo You Want to be a Rock Star
Learning to play a musical instrument is a great brain fitness exercise. But just how easy is this? Our tech editor tests a computer-controlled guitar.

Laptop2.jpgChanging the World One Laptop at a Time
A ground-breaking program is putting laptops into the hands of deserving children across the world.

EmWaveHandheld2.jpgChill Out With Your Very Own Stress Reliever
This high-tech device lowers your blood pressure and helps "harmonize" your nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems.

David on the home stretchSMALL.jpgHaving Fun, Fun on an Exercise Bike
ELDR Editor-in-Chief Dave Bunnell tries out a virtual reality exercise bike that lets him pretend he's racing up and down the hills near the ocean in the south of France.

feetOnObeseScale.jpgShould You Monitor Your Body Fat & Body Water Percentage?
The Tanita company has a scale that not only tells you your weight, but also your body fat and body water percentages. Is this important? ELDR Technology Editor Andy Walker thinks so, and he tells you why.

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Schaller2.jpgAn Old Biologist Who Never Quits
Animal conservationist George Schaller lays the groundwork for continuing the battle after he's gone.

Packard.jpgGallery: Paintings by Anne Packard
Artist Anne Packard turns light and shadows into healing.

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