A Place for Mom (and Dad too)

“A Place for Mom” can help you find everything from homecare to assisted living to full-time dementia care providers.

Monday, March 19, 2007


The largest referral service for eldercare is called “A Place for Mom” even though their free service is available for placing your dad, uncle, aunt or friend. We don’t exactly know the reason behind the name–whether it’s because more moms than dads end up needing care or because they started out providing services just for moms and were stuck with the name and URL when they expanded.

It doesn’t matter, because from our own experience we can tell you they are really good.

For one thing, they have a network of over 11,000 long-term care facilities (everything from homecare to assisted living to full-time dementia care providers) which can easily be geographically accessed.

More importantly, A Place for Mom will assign you to a highly qualified “eldercare advisor” who can help you and your family evaluate issues such as care requirements, finances and amenity preferences.

They can answer your questions and teach you about your options, all at no charge to you. If you need this service now or think you might need it in the near future, it’s easy enough to check out:

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